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About Us

About Us

M.A.N (Men Alive Network) is a non-denominational ministry operating under the spiritual covering of Friends Christian Fellowship, Somerset West. For more information visit www.friends.org.za.


We see men taking up their God-given role within their families and the communities they live in, to become the servant leaders that God intended them to be through obedience to God’s Word and engaging in relational accountability structures which will help them to become the best they can be for the work that the Lord has called them to.

Purpose of the Ministry

For men to become better community leaders, husbands and fathers and to help them engage in a continual process of active spiritual growth.

For the church to become more focused in their ministry to men, encouraging them to engage in the vision for the benefit of the greater body of Christ.

Themes and Objectives from the Vision

Objective #1:Commitment to spiritual growth

Voluntary commitment to spiritual growth is essential. Without this commitment, growth in their lives will be slow and the impact in the lives of those around them, minimal.

Objective #2:Commitment to those to whom they voluntarily committed to be accountable to.

Voluntary commitment  to stay accountable to the members in their group. This also means they should be open to correction and give those members the right to keep them accountable and to speak into their lives.

Objective #3:Commitment to the truth

Voluntary commitment to live the truth in everything they say and do.


Accountability to the other members of the group will provide a “safe” platform for spiritual growth. When a member suffers or struggles within a certain area of his life, he has the support (prayer, moral, experience and knowledge) of the other members of the group. Developing the disciplines necessary to a healthy spiritual life is “easier” within the group when the support is there.

Eph 4:11-13  “And it is he who gifted some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, and still others to be pastors and teachers, to perfect the saints, to do the work of ministry, and to build up the body of Christ until all of us are united in the faith and in the full knowledge of God’s Son, and until we attain mature adulthood and the full standard of development in Christ.”

So many men today struggle in the area of spiritual growth. It is either non-existent or very slow going in their lives. These small groups will provide the platform for continued growth and with the accountability structure in place, it will enable the members to commit to growth in their lives.

Growth will take place firstly on a spiritual level as the Word of God is central to every group and will impact their lives. Secondly, growth will take place on a personal level as each member comes closer to the point of actually taking responsibility for his own growth plan, learning to “feed” himself from the Word of God.

In this process men will learn to take up their responsibility that God has given them to be the king, priest and prophet of their own home. So many men abdicate this responsibility to their wives or to women in general. The blueprint of society is still the family. When we understand what it means to be the leader of a healthy family and start being examples, society will follow suit.

Very importantly, men should start leading in service. It starts at home and from there infiltrates the rest of their lives. Jesus’ leadership style should become normal practice in each man’s life.




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